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Welcome to Real Estate Wealth Today.com
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Welcome to Real Estate Wealth Today.com

Learn how to build wealth through real estate investing.  If you want to earn real money, forget about working for someone else.   Start investing in real estate.   It’s one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available.


NEW! eBook Reveals How to Attract Private Lenders in Today's Market...  

My brand new eBook titled "Private Lending Secrets for Real Estate Investors" is Private Lending Secretsa 85-page eBook that I wrote for developing your private lending program to find prospective private lenders in connection with buying, selling, and wholesaling real estate properties. Did you know, that investors like yourself tell us that “Finding the money” to buy property is the #1 problem that holds them back from making big profits in real estate?

Mortgage Secrets...

Learn the "Secrets" that most real estate investors will never know about and how to really finance any deal in any market!  Mortgage Secrets For Real Estate Investors is a 100+ page eBook that will allow you to stop getting bulied by Banks and start closing your investor loans and save thousands in the process!   Highly Recommended!
   Featured Product...

The Private Lender Presentation Kit is a 34-page slideshow or "flip chart" that I developed for finding The Private Lender Presentation Kit prospective lenders in connection with buying, selling, and wholesaling real estate properties. The kit is packed with tested and extraordinarily effective strategies for getting people to give you money for real estate deals.


New One-on-One Private Lending Coaching Program for Real Estate Investors!

Learn How to Borrow Unlimited Amounts of Money in The Post Credit Crisis Market While Your Competition Runs Scared Because They Can Not Fund Deals

The Private Lending Coaching Program will be for a period 3 to 4 months where I will help you develop your private lending program.  

    * 6 to 10 one-on-one 30 minute calls
    * Monthly group calls
    * Password protected website where you            can listen to your calls but also listen to            other student calls so you learn from their         issues and challenges,
    * Access to all my templates and                          presentation kits; and,
    * And much more...

Private Lending For Real Estate Investors
Tele-seminar Series...

Volume 1: The Credibility Kit - How to Make One That Makes You Stand Out in The Crowd and Gives You Expert Status!

So here is what you are going to learn and discover in this brand  new tele-seminar:

•    The 12 Key Elements That All Credibility Kits Most Have to Be Successful           
•    The One Thing Your Credibility Kit Must Have or No One Will Invest With You       
•    The Power of The Credibility Kit and Why You Must Have One to Get Private  Investors                       
•    How to Package Your Credibility Kit For Maximum Effectiveness         
And of course, a whole lot more

The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles

A PDF versiThe Science of Getting Richon of the incredible 1910 timeless classic The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D. Wattles. This pioneering work was his most famous work and pre-dates that other wealth and success classic, " Think and Grow Rich " by 27 years.


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